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This Instead of That

Endless possibilities. Does that phrase cultivate excitement or make you a little hesitant? We know that some people love the freedom of multiple options, while others thrive when tethered to one specific choice.

At Cutting Edge, we love to talk about all things home improvement and design because the possibilities really are endless! While we think a professional paint job itself can make a world of a difference, there are also so many other options that can be paired with painting to bring out the personality of your home. Often times, neighborhoods have similarly built homes and house plans. Looking at alternative design options allow you to break out of what’s “typical” and bring unique charm to your home.

CEP always strives to minimize your hesitancy and walk with you through the process to help bring your vision to life. One way we’re going after that is by highlighting some of our services as possibilities for your next home project.


This Instead of That


Wooden Beams instead of White Columns.

Tall white columns have a stately look to them and are most often seen on colonial style homes. If grandeur is not your cup of tea, many homeowners are turning to a rustic alternative that adds tons of character. Wooden beams are a great option to create a welcoming aesthetic by playing a supporting role to the look of your home. Cutting Edge can install and stain wooden beams to bring charm back to your curb appeal.




Dark Trim instead of Light Trim.

Gone are the days where your trim must be lighter than your walls. Dark trim is top of mind for many homeowners making color updates and we’re big fans of this change. This reversed look brings a pop to neutral walls or siding, while still creating a cohesive look on your exterior or from room to room indoors. While classic white trim is still very popular among homeowners, we love the versatility this offers those turning toward neutral white walls.



Statement Walls instead of Uniform Walls.

Artistic paneling, shiplap, and accent colors, oh my! Walls take up so much of a home. Why not use that as a grand opportunity to highlight the personality of your home? We can build, stain or paint, and install artistic paneling, giving you the statement wall(s) of your dreams.

CEP specializes in artistic paneling like:

  • Shiplap
  • Pallet Wood Walls
  • Judges Paneling
  • Wainscoting
  • Customized Wall designs


We also specialize in color accents, which can turn a typical room into a statement space. Whether you’re interested in accent walls, ceilings, or doors, adding pops of color throughout your home can make yo  ur rooms stand out beautifully.

The beautiful thing about home design is that you are able to make it your own – whatever gives you that I’m home feeling at the end of the day. Whether that means keeping with classic and traditional styles, taking one or two of these options and making them your own, or laying out plans for all three, CEP is here to partner with you and provide professional, beautiful, and long-lasting home transformation services.

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  • On April 26, 2018


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