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The Painters Who Prep


Let’s talk about prep work. We think it’s pretty human to dread the prep process. From preheating the oven before dinner (can you hurry up?) to packing before a trip (never traveling again), often times preparation can seem like the most mundane and the hardest part of getting into something new. We get it.

As residential and commercial painters, prep work can mean the difference between a good job and great job. When we begin a new project, we prioritize prep work to protect the painting environment, especially floors, furniture, and wall fixtures that are not supposed to be painted, because we want to take the best care of your home. Once the paint site is well-protected, we focus on preparing the surface itself to ensure it is ready to receive fresh paint. Whether that means standard preparation procedures like removing mold, mildew, and loose paint; or more in-depth steps like replacing boards with water damage, we have a proven plan of action to prepare any surface for paint.

With preparation a high priority on our list, we are grateful to one of our lead painters, Evaristo Sanchez, for his dedication to a thorough prep process and the value he places on doing great work. We sat down with him to discuss his passion for the business and strategy on the job. Enjoy our interview!

[It’s all in the detail and the prep work. The thing that many painters

fail to do is just the necessary pre-work, the stuff that

seems like a waste of time, but ultimately saves time later on…” ]

Q. What is your background in the painting industry?

A. Sanchez: I’ve been working in the industry for about 15 years. I love working with my hands and to see happy homeowners at the end of a project. Sometimes it’s hard to find people who love their jobs, but I love mine.

Q. What is your mindset when going into a new job?

A. Sanchez: Each job is a new opportunity. I like to walk the house and see the atmosphere; the trees, how high the house is, look at the type of day we’re having, and get a good understanding of the project.

I get excited to prepare the house — I know I need to do a good job preparing to do a good job painting. My mind is even still on the job when I go home…I’m still thinking about how to push the work to completion.

[ “I don’t want to do an extra step for extra money. I want to do

an extra step for my customer and for their home”. ]

Q. Why do you spend so much time on prep work?

A. Sanchez: When you prepare something to do good, you see good when you finish. If you don’t prepare, you have to fix little things afterwards. If you want a job to go quickly, spend time preparing. I always take the first day to prepare, spending time making sure everything is sealed and covered.

Q. Why do you enjoy working with Cutting Edge?

A. Sanchez: I’ve been working with Cutting Edge for a few years. We have similar beliefs and morals. I enjoy working with people that are so relatable, respectful, and they pay promptly after a job is finished.

Q. What does a quality job – from start to finish – look like to you?

A. Sanchez: All the houses I work on, I take care of like my own house. I want the best for me, so I want the best for our customers. If I don’t like how a certain thing turned out, I can be pretty sure my customer won’t like it either, so I fix it. I want to leave things nicely, work fast, and do a good job to respect our customers.

[ “Sanchez does the above and beyond. More often than not

when he’s in the prep phase, I am pleasantly surprised to see the level

in attention to detail that is being put forth to prep so thoroughly”.

Nate, Co-Owner of Cutting Edge ]

Q. What can take a “good” painter and turn them into a “great” painter?

A. Sanchez: Every painter is different; they must learn what their strength is. Helping each other grow is important too. If my partner sees an issue, he tells me and I do the same for him. The difference between a good painter and a great painter is the level of care; for the customer, for the job, for the home.

Q. Why do you care so much about quality work?

A. Sanchez: My faith; Everything I do, I do for God. With people, they respect me and I respect them.

We love celebrating team members that go the extra mile to ensure our customer’s happiness and the completion of a quality project. Thank you, Sanchez, for all of your hard work!

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