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Frequently Asked Questions of 2018

Happy June, friends! We’re in the heart of our busy season and enjoying every opportunity we get to partner with homeowners in restoring health and recapturing curb appeal at their home. Every year, we come across a few questions that come up in initial conversations with customers.

As your premium neighborhood paint company, it’s our pleasure to answer each and every question that a customer has to make sure we’re all on the same page and provide an informed experience we can stand behind. So, in the name of convenience and customer service, we thought it might be helpful to gather our most frequently asked questions and share our answers in our June blog.

Q. Does CEP do repair work?

A. CEP repairs or replaces any wood that is broken, rotting, or in any condition that wouldn’t make painting optimal. If we come across damaged wood after starting the painting process, we immediately relay our findings to the homeowner and initiate a change order for the additional repairs. Once we’ve gotten your home to a healthy place that’s ready to receive paint, we use high quality Sherwin-Williams paints to ensure long lasting durability.

Rotten wood in need of repair

Q. Does CEP use brush or spray?

A. We use a combination of brushing and spraying for most projects. In most cases, we spray siding and soffit areas while windows, doors, shutters, and other trim will typically be brushed by hand. By using both, every part of your home is given the care and attention needed to ensure a hand-tailored and complete painting process.

Q. Who will be working on my project?

A. Owner, Nathan McMichael will go over your project and answer any questions you may have. You will then be introduced to the assigned crew leader and crew that will be working on your project. At CEP, we believe in the value of teaming up with quality individuals that take pride in their work. Each of our crews consist of 2-3 highly skilled, high character workers to deliver a worry-free experience along with a quality painting service.

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Q. Is CEP insured?

A. Yes! For everyone’s safety and peace of mind, we carry General Liability and Workman’s Comprehensive Coverage. These coverages are displayed on our website, or can be provided to the customer upon request.

Q. Do you install gutters?

A. CEP can paint, repair, and install gutters. To meet the needs of your home, we can tailor the size of the gutters to ensure best fit and function. We install 5 or 6” hidden fasteners, aluminum gutters, and gutter guards. We also make repairs including spike replacement and seam sealing.

Gutter Installation Graphic

Q. Why is CEP a “premium” neighborhood paint company?

A. Because alongside caring deeply for our community and the neighbors we do business with, we hold ourselves to a quality-focused standard for each of our jobs. How do we achieve this? We use quality products to ensure longer lasting paint life. We hire skilled and experienced painting specialists that work through a better prep and painting process. Most importantly, we have streamlined operations from first call to the final walk-through to provide peace of mind for our customers.

There you have it! Some of our most frequently asked questions are the most significant to our project process and premium services. That’s why it’s high on our priority list to address any outstanding question marks for our customers.

Did we miss a question? Anything else come to mind? Share it with us below!

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