Residential & Commercial Painting
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Specialty Services

Cabinet Refinishing: Our cabinet re-finishing process is detailed and delivers a beautiful finish once completed.  From prep & sanding, to a healthy coat of oil based primer, and finally applying multiple high-end top coats, our system delivers a durable factory finish that you can be proud of. Using our HVLP fine finish system, we are able to ensure an extra fine finish that will give new life and vibrant color to your cabinetry!

Custom Finishes: We partner with a local artist at Painted Perfect Faux You to custom finish most any surface with any pattern you can dream. Whether it’s painted brick, murals, antiquing, glazing, or other fauxs, stand out from your neighbor’s home with a signature faux wall or accented cabinets.

Concrete Coatings: Whether for your garage, basement, or show room, we specialize in installing concrete coatings to create a timeless and durable finish to any concrete floor. Offering finishes from solid color epoxies, marbled metallic epoxies, or transparent stains, we transform concrete floors from rough and worn, to smooth and beautiful that will prove to stand the test of time.

Artistic Paneling: We can design, install, and paint artistic wall paneling to fit the needs and aesthetic of any space. Whether you’re looking for a pallet wall, shiplap, or a more hand-tailored design, our team can create the ideal wall paneling for your home.

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