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Make Home a Habit – Our New Years Resolution

Front porch with Home Sweet Home Mat

Happy New Year

to our friends, customers, and community!

What a year 2017 was. 2018 has much to live up to and we are expectant of great things to come. If we’re being honest, sometimes January gets a bad reputation: the Monday of the months, the cleanup after the celebrations are over, 31 days of cold and gray. But, at Cutting Edge we’re making a pact to make January count; to make it a launchpad for the rest of the year; To grow and paint and invest in our neighborhood.

One way we’re going after this is through our #MakeHomeAHabit campaign. It’s no secret that we love the home. It’s where life happens – which means it’s worth taking care of for years to come. While many things pull you away, we’re giving you permission to fall back in love with your corner of the world.

We believe in the value of the home — not just the monetary value, but the emotional value. We believe in taking care of the four walls that protect your greatest treasures. We believe in preserving the place that serves as a tangible deep breath of relief when you pull in the driveway at the end of the day.

For Cutting Edge, Making Home a Habit looks like offering helpful tips for home maintenance, sharing fun ways to make home a more enjoyable place to be, and of course, offering excellent services when it comes to paint and home renovation.

Make Home a Habit Banner

1. Transform an unused basement into a family game room.

2. Add window boxes to plant flowers in throughout the year.

3. Go “camping” in the backyard.

4. Host a biannual drop-in for friends and family.

5. Last but not least, (and our favorite!) update your exterior with a brand new color scheme.


We invite you to join us in Making Home a Habit!

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