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If you’re like us, August feels like it’s own beginning of the year. It’s own starting line. It’s own point of reference. Summer is a time when CEP continues to operate as a well-oiled machine on the job, but other parts of life are themed by rest and relaxation. August marks the beginning of school and often, a normalcy resumed in schedules, rhythms, and communities. So, just like the first of the year is marked by big goals, lists, and to-dos, we think August presents the same opportunity.


Let’s talk about Home Goals.

This phrase is often attached to photos of flawless interiors and rustic exteriors, seemingly accomplished by unlimited creative capacity, making them feel far out of reach for most homeowners.

We want to rewrite the narrative surrounding home goals, making them less limited to Pinterest boards and more in reach for our friends, customers, and neighbors. Our goal is to make the home transformation process a rich and easy experience for those who call on us to do the work. We do this in a few ways:

Oftentimes, one of the hardest parts of approaching a project is deciding what you actually want to do. You know you want to update your paint colors or that you want to replace classic columns with wooden beams, but the truth is, there are endless options when it comes to any part of home restoration. So many colors. So many designs. So many styles. If you’re starting with a blank slate, it can be a challenge to narrow down what you want.

At CEP, we spend each day immersed in this industry watching, learning, and developing techniques to produce the very vision you have in mind. We offer consultations to help you choose everything from the right color scheme, to picking out the perfect wall space for shiplap or pallet walls. If you have questions, we’re readily available to help navigate them with you.


We work hard to make your home look effortless. Our highly skilled teams utilize a seasoned process for each and every one of our premium services. At the same time, we know that each home is different and each vision for transformation is unique. We hand-tailor our proven processes to the specifics of your home so that the end result is a magnified and cohesive look at its best features.


Sometimes the prospect of a complete home overhaul can create a little bit of hesitancy. We get it. We value your peace of mind; For some customers this means breaking out a project into phases.  Sometimes it looks like updating the interior and then the exterior. Other times, it means working on the main floor before tackling the basement space.

Another way we offer peace of a mind and alternative project pacing is through project financing. Instead of paying two lump sums (the deposit up front and then the remaining amount at project completion), we have partnered with AMS Financial to offer our customers the opportunity to finance their project overtime.

While we’re ready and able to complete projects in one fell swoop, we want to work alongside our customers to create the most comfortable and manageable project experience.

The beautiful thing about goals is that even though they can be intimidating at the beginning, reaching them leaves a strong sense of accomplishment at the end. As the kids return to school and set their goals for the year, we encourage you to start looking at your own goal list. If your August goals include updates to your home, we’re ready to get started! Call us to schedule your free estimate!


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