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Fall Forecast

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100% Chance of Homes Being Made Healthy

Happy September! Are you ready for fall? Football games, bonfires, and a little bit of yard work are all on our list of to-dos and we hope this season will bring lots of fun for you and your family. In between parties and food platters, and trading shorts for sweaters, perhaps your home needs some special attention this fall.

One of the not-so-fun parts of the changing seasons is how they affect your home. Weather impact isn’t limited to major happenings like tornadoes or floods. Between the spectrum of temperatures, precipitation, and waning protection, often times the greatest contribution to the weakening of siding is simply to do nothing for a long period of time.

The Good News: Cutting Edge specializes in partnering with homeowners in the

restoration & protection of their homes using premium and quality-focused processes.

Because of our passion for home health and the nature of our year-round industry, we thought we’d welcome the cooler months with our recommendations to protect your home throughout the changing seasons.


Seasons Do a Number on a Home

Seasons | They’re each uniquely beautiful and purposeful, we all have our favorite, and if we’re being honest, our least favorite too. Over the years, a home will experience a full spectrum of temperatures, elements, and wear and tear. Every season brings its own unique challenges – from the hottest summer scorchers to those heart-of-winter ice storms, a home endures a lot in just 365 days.

Whether you’ve been thinking about painting and repair work or have other priorities on your radar this September, we believe in the power of having knowledge ready for when the right time comes.

Don’t Wait Once You See Signs of Damage.

We know in the midst of the rhythms of life, people don’t often foresee factoring in wood replacement or repainting a house. It’s easy to overlook things like home maintenance when you’re raising a family, traveling for work, or juggling items on your to-do list. At the first sign of wood rot or failed paint, give us a call. Delayed repair work results in deeper damage, so don’t put repair and restoration off as the health of your home and the cost of the project will reflect that additional wait time.


Don’t Skimp on Product.

When the cost of a project starts to add up from unexpected damage or add-ons, as a homeowner, looking for ways to cut cost becomes especially appealing. While we understand projects can be an investment, we always encourage our customers to look at the benefits of using high-quality product because this can make all the difference between revisiting the same issues in just a few years and a long-lasting paint life.

This is why we exclusively use Sherwin-Williams paints, like premium Durationan exterior acrylic latex paint. Duration was designed as a self-priming paint, that prevents cracking and peeling, and naturally lies thicker for exceptional performance. We’ve seen the dependability of these products time and time again. Given the choice for our own homes, we wouldn’t use anything else.


Don’t Hire Just Anyone to do the Work.

There are a lot of people who can paint. There are a lot of people with the necessary equipment and basic know-how. Whether you choose Cutting Edge to do the work or not, we encourage all prospective customers to do their research to make sure they’re hiring a company with the customer’s best interest in mind. Find a company that has general liability and workman’s compensation insurance, positive reviews from satisfied customers, and transparency in their processes. The more you know about who’s doing work on your home, the more peace of mind and confidence you can have when the project is complete. You can learn about our insurance, our customers, and our processes on our website.

While restoring your home may feel like a tall order, we don’t want you to go it alone. When your renovation season arrives, CEP is ready and able to take on the process with you. Whether that means discussing color choices, brainstorming more specific renovation opportunities, or even looking at our financing options through our partnership with AMS Financial, we want you to be confident through every step of the process.

We walk through the entire project with our customers to ensure informed decision making, peace of mind, and ultimately, a healthier and preserved home on the other side of the work. When premium measures are taken to protect your home, the paint and product used are more likely to stand the test of time and seasonal impact. Does your fall forecast include a healthier home? Call us today to get started!

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  • On August 30, 2018


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