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Don’t Paint Over Problems

An Unhealthy Home Starts Beneath the Color.

Happy March! Do you feel spring in the air? There’s no doubt that the season is quickly approaching. We’re headed into our favorite time of year, when we get to partner with homeowners and business leaders in and around Gwinnett County to recapture the charm of their home and office spaces.

Many people find themselves ready to look for a painter, but unfamiliar with the painting process. Perhaps you know the basics: prime, paint, seal – all good things and all necessary steps to a solid and durable paint job.

But, there is so much involved in a thorough and proven paint process that goes far beyond the painting portion itself. It would be easy to arrive on-site and simply start applying paint, but there stands the principle that we call: Don’t Paint Over Problems.

Georgia weather, as unpredictable and inconsistent as it can be at times, does offer a reliable truth: Your home endures a harsh spectrum of temperatures and elements each and every year. This means that over time, failing paint, mildew, and rotten wood are often the byproduct (Problems!).

We’ve spent many years getting to know exactly how weather impacts the home. Out of that knowledge, we’ve developed a proven process that restores your home to health and prepares the surface before we even begin to apply paint.


R E P A I R ,  R E P L A C E,  &  P R E P

We repair or replace all problem areas identified by our team. We then spend a significant portion of our process on the prepping phase to make sure all surfaces are cleaned, primed, and healthy enough for paint.


The main point. The good stuff. Just like you, we love the painting portion of our process because this is where you start to see the vision for transformation come together. We use high quality Sherwin-Williams paints to ensure a durable, lasting finish long after the job is completed.

Cutting Edge Painting is committed to the extra mile, the proven process, and attention to detail because we take pride in our work. Taking care of each home we work on is our highest priority. Our process isn’t as simple as some, but it does leave our customer’s with a certainty that they’re getting the high-quality and long lasting paint job we’ve promised them.

Remember: Shortcuts show up.

Hire the team with the proven process.

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  • On February 27, 2018


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