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Doing Things That Matter

House in the Fall

Happy fall, friends! There’s something about this corner of the year that makes us reflect on the wonderful homeowners we’ve partnered with, the projects we’ve completed for them, the way our teams have grown in number and skillset, and ultimately, what we’re setting our sights on for the year ahead. October is a time for reevaluating and planning at CEP, and we think that starts with taking inventory on what kind of impact we’re making.

An important layer of the Cutting Edge core is doing things that matter – it’s in our company DNA. We want to make each day count, not just make it busy. We’re sharing three parts of who we are as a company that help us maintain that vision and live it out each and every day.


Who We Are As a Business

–Our Core Values–

What lies at the heart of our company? A commitment to serve our customers and neighbors by consistently offering premium paint solutions and exceptional customer service. In short: We take our values seriously. Everything we do stems from the values we hold to, making them a commitment from the top to the bottom of our company structure and project processes. When you know what your values are, you can more intentionally and confidently align decisions with the integrity of your company.

Cutting Edge Core Values


Who We Are As a Neighbor

–Our Community–

We’re a company that’s for our community. We eat at the same restaurants, shop at the same stores, and get stuck at the same stoplights. Loving our neighbor well looks like being authentic and true to our word. That means we want the best for those we work with. From our customers, to other businesses we support, to the friends we do life with, we want to be people you can depend on. Leaving our community better than how we found it starts with remembering those around us every step of the way.

So, how does this manifest itself in our business practices? When you hire us for projects at your home, we know you’re putting a significant amount of trust in us. Our communication, our processes, and our teams are designed to operate in such a way that gives you peace of mind and a pristine final product – as though your own neighbor was doing the work. We respect property, honor timelines, and keep our word to do the above and beyond for our customers. That’s our definition of loving our neighbors well.


Who We Are As a Family-Oriented Business

–Our Families–

Last but most definitely not least, we place high value on family. We’ve put good practices in place to help us find a healthy work-family balance. This helps us avoid overworking and constantly putting in long hours. While we know there are times when longer days are required and we enthusiastically work to provide an exceptional experience with our customers, we also work hard to avoid making longer days the norm. We strive to protect both time at work and time with family because as the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. We strive to strike a work-family balance so that we’re giving our very best efforts across the board.

Cutting Edge Family News

Speaking of family – we’re so excited to announce that our Marketing & Administrative Assistant, Catherine, and her husband, Jayce, are expecting their first child this month! We are looking forward to welcoming another CEP kid to the family. If you notice some changes in our social media and marketing rhythms, it’s because we’re leaving margin for the adjustment that comes with bringing a new life into the world.

We always enjoy sharing who we are as a company and the heart behind the work we do, because those two things set the stage for what customers can expect from us. We aren’t a cut-corners kind of company because our character calls us to a deeper commitment than that. We’re doing more than just painting houses – we’re serving real people. Thank you to each of our customers for trusting us to do the job, and do it the right way.

As we’ve shared the things we value most, what about you? What matters most to you when you’re finding someone to do work on your home? Share below!

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  • On September 14, 2018


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