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Behind the Scenes with Cutting Edge Painting

A Closer Look at a Cutting Edge Project

In with April! What a busy spring it’s been already. Is your honey-do list growing? If you’re like us, we have a number of projects on our list now that the flowers are blooming and temperatures are warmer.

There’s only one thing standing between you and a crossed off list: The process. Anybody who’s set out on big project knows that it takes a lot of “before” to get to the “after”.

This same principle applies to the Cutting Edge project process. Beautiful new paint jobs that revitalize homes are so rewarding, but perhaps the more rewarding part is knowing just how effective our seasoned process is in getting us to the end of a project. To give you a behind the scenes look, we followed our team through an entire project at Oak Hill Classical School to provide you with an in-depth understanding of our project process at CEP.



With every job we take on, we do a preliminary walk-through to take detailed notes, evaluate all siding, and determine if there are any repairs required to ensure a healthy surface that’s ready to receive paint. At Oak Hill, we discussed the plans for refinishing the brick with the German Smear technique and painting the trim to complement the new finish.


At CEP, we don’t paint over problems, because shortcuts show up. Whether it’s six months or three years down the line – shortcuts will reveal themselves in the form of prematurely peeling paint and the like. To prevent these problems, we repair and replace all siding in need of it.



We prioritize prep work to protect the painting environment and ready the surface to receive paint. For interior jobs, that means covering floors, furniture, and wall fixtures that are not supposed to be painted. For exterior work, that means pressure washing surfaces to ensure they’re free of debri, as we did on the brick siding at Oak Hill. One of our team members, Evaristo Sanchez, describes our priority for prep best:

[“When you prepare something to do good,

you see good when you finish. If you don’t prepare,

you have to fix little things afterwards.

If you want a job to go quickly, spend time preparing.”]





Paint is the point. We know that. Paint showcases the personality of your home or office. Paint brings your vision for transformation to life. Unless a customer requests otherwise, we use the highest quality Sherwin-Williams paints to ensure a long-lasting, durable, and clean finish. For Oak Hill, we took a different approach to painting. Instead of choosing a color and jumping into our seasoned painting process, our customer asked for a revamp to their brick building using the German Smear technique.

German Smear :[ A technique of “weathering” bricks by smearing wet mortar across them, then wiping some of the mortar off before it dries,  leaving parts of the brick exposed. ]


5.Touch Ups

The last little wrap up items are just as important as the initial consultation because this is where the “above and beyond” comes to life. Our team strives for excellence in every part of a project, from top to bottom, big or small. That’s why making sure even the small details are completed is a high priority for us.

6.Final Walk-through

A happy customer is always our goal. A big thank you to Oak Hill Classical School for allowing us to partner with you in your transformation and document the process.

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  • On March 29, 2018


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