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April Showers Bring… Unhealthy Houses?

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April Showers Bring… Unhealthy Houses?

We all want a happy home, but what about a healthy one? Just like we take ourselves to the doctor for that annual exam, or try to eat a balanced diet and exercise, keeping a healthy home requires special measures to ensure it’s protected for years to come.

[It’s easy to rush past the peeling or chipped paint on your way to dinner or baseball practice, but often times what seems minor on the outside costs you majorly when it’s time to paint.]

We know that a healthy home starts at the base because it’s important to have a surface that is ready to receive paint.  Just like a doctor would never prescribe a haircut to treat the flu, our priority is to treat the problem itself instead of making it look like less of one. Whether that means minor protective measures like removing all mold, mildew, and loose paint, or more in-depth steps like replacing boards with water damage, we have a proven plan of action that masters the mess.

The common and complicated reality is that a neglected home can mean a quickly climbing price tag. High lumber costs combined with the extensive work required to remove and replace rotten wood results in a much larger bill than what might have been expected with a fresh coat of paint. While our well defined process safeguards that beautiful new color you’ve chosen, the longer you push off the update, the more extensive the damage is to both your home and your wallet. This critical step of preparation means all the difference when it comes to properly taking care of your house’s needs, whatever the condition when we step foot on the job site.

[We never neglect the prep process because without thorough prep work, even the finest paint products won’t last.]

From a nice April rain to the blistering heat of a Georgia summer; Protecting your home from the elements can be the difference between the excitement of picking a paint color, and the frustration of costly structural repairs. Why do we only use the top tier Sherwin Williams products? We know the impact that fluctuating weather can have on the exterior of a home. Quality products and proven preservation methods sustain and protect longer. A paint job done the right way means more than just an upgrade to your curb appeal. Get ahead of long-term exterior damage and add an upgrade to your list for this April. Give us a call to get the job done right!

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  • On March 31, 2017


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