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Our goal at Cutting Edge Painting is to build trust in our customers by successfully meeting and exceeding all expectations in our provided services.  Our vision is to consistently grow and improve on our products and services while seeking out opportunities to give back to the community.
Delivering a great paint job to our customers is just a part of what we hope to accomplish day in and day out. To provide a service that is honest, reassuring, and of high quality is the greater goal. The truth is, peace of mind starts with quality and quality starts with character. By choosing high character people to work alongside, we believe we can provide an all-inclusive service that is second to none. We sincerely appreciate each and every customer of ours and look forward to serving you in the future!
-Nathan McMichael, Owner of Cutting Edge Painting
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About Our Painters

We partner with people who have spent years in this industry cultivating a deep investment in the quality of their work. Professionals are invited onto our team based on their solid character and proven skill set. Any and all subcontractors that we partner with have been verified by CEP management on the basis of depth of knowledge of industry standards and commitment to our shared values and accuracy of work.
[All subcontractors are covered by General Liability and Workman’s Comprehensive Coverage for everyone’s peace of mind.]
Our top-notch painters want to contribute to the community around them because they too do life here. We couldn’t be prouder of those we have on our team. Hiring the right people guarantees an exceptional and lasting return on your investment – and we aim to be the “right people” every time.
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