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3 Tips for Picking the Right Paint Company

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So it’s time to to hire a painting company. Did the peeling paint give it away? The faded color? HOA letters? No matter what made you realize it’s time to paint, there’s a pretty big decision ahead. Both excitement and apprehension exist when it comes to the realization that a new color scheme is in the near future, but you have yet to find the right people for the job. We get it. You don’t want just anyone at your doorstep, paint brush in hand.

To help you simplify your search for the most qualified paint company, we’ve compiled a list of “must haves” when it comes to hiring a home expert you can trust.


3 Tips for Picking the Right Paint Company

1. Ask About On-The-Job Protection

We can’t say this enough. This is the first tip on our list because it’s a HUGE deal. You want to find a company that gives you peace of mind from the first phone call until the last bit of paint is applied. Good work starts with a solid and proven process. From evaluating the needs of your home, repairing and replacing surfaces that require it, to applying high quality product, a company with proven processes should be a high priority.

General Liability and Workman’s Comp Coverage are also an important aspect of choosing the right paint company because it gives you confidence that everybody is covered. Confidence in the company that is working on your home should never be treated as an afterthought, so look for a company who prioritizes your peace of mind from the beginning.

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2. Look for Quality in Character

This one matters from the top to the bottom of the painting process. It makes all the difference when a trustworthy company comes to work on your home. When the team has high expectations for themselves, they’ll do their best work and you can can expect excellence to show in the final product. Arriving on time, working through a thorough process, and having streamlined communication are three good aspects that reveal the character of a company. You may be asking, “But how can I decipher a company’s character before I hire them?” – which brings us to our last tip:


3. Read the Reviews

Reviews speak for themselves. There’s nothing like hearing from another person on their honest experience working with a company. It takes some vulnerability out of the equation because you’re no longer deciding solely on good faith, but a candid testimonial. Read the website reviews, but look on crowd-sourced review sites as well (You can see some of our customer reviews here: Facebook, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau).

For Cutting Edge, all three of the things on this list are important to us as a company. We make it a goal to REACH for certain values in the work we do: Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Community, and Honesty. If the work we do is based on these foundational principles, we believe we’re serving our purpose.

While we know that it’s no secret that there are a lot of companies that can do the work on your home, it’s important to take time to make an informed decision on who should. We hope this list will help you as you walk into any upcoming painting projects!

Keep us in mind for your next project if you’re in and around the Gwinnett County area!



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  • On January 26, 2018


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